Village Electrification via Micro Grids

WattAVillage seeks to provide twin benefits of livelihood and energy to the rural community where it intervenes. Via solar powered micro grids, basic lighting and mobile charging can be provided to a small cluster of households that are currently deprived of electricity.

These small amounts of energy can provide relief and bring light into otherwise dark lives of the rural poor.

Over time, micro enterprise activities can be developed, that can bring life into the local rural economy bringing livelihoods to the rural community. This shall need larger interventions, and energy demand mapping to provide for larger equipment ( mechanised) that can be powered.

Despite India’s expanding economy, millions of citizens in the country remain marginalized, with little or no access to the new-found opportunities within the country. More than 75,000 villages in rural India are still in darkness and are yet to be electrified. It is indeed time that we make a resolve and create change, that we come forward and join hands so, the era of darkness gets over and a ray of light reaches each and every house of the nation.

We must pose this question to ourselves, and seek answers from within – is it a question of not enough infrastructure, technology, resources OR is it resolve and will to make the change ?

And then another – the 400 million people that lack access to electricity, most of them poor, living in remote villages in the country, still pay close to twice of what an urban consumer pays. Is that fair ?

WattAVillage seeks to be the catalyst to bring a multi stakeholder approach to solve this problem. We seek to be a platform for the rural communities to seek change, and help leapfrog into energized villages. We bring together people, bright minds, energetic youth, NGOs, Corporates, International Agencies to help create this network and change – the way rural communities live in darkness.

We need your support and help – for the challenge is immense and huge.

We seek to provide decentralised energy, to over 500 villages / communities in 24 months. And yet we need to do this, in half the time. Feel a little challenged, still thinking what to make of this, to know more about our program write an email to

And if you know of a village that we can help, do let us know. You would have done your bit …already and helped create the change !

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