LED Tubelight- 18 W

LED tubelights provide cool white light, consume much lesser electricity and are a replacement of regular 40 W tubelights used in homes. They provide similar or better light output. Quick payback.

Price: ₹890.0

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Light up a home for a year..!

Help a poor family get light for a year  - for as little as the cost of an average dinner..! They can save this amount in a year - and benefit from no smoke in the house !

Price: ₹900.0

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Solar Charging Station

Solar Charging Station - equipped with charging for upto 10 solar lanterns

Price: ₹39000.0

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Solar Home lighting System

Solar Home Lighting sytems are ideal for lighting up two rooms / mobile charging for a small family in a rural setting, for 7-8 hrs

Price: ₹4900.00

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Solar Lantern

Solar Lanterns can be used for emergency lighting purposes in cities, and for lighting in rural areas, where frequent power losses are common. Equipped with mobile charging.

Price: ₹1550.00

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WattAVillage – Special T Shirt #mission300

First edition of WattAVillage #mission300 T Shirt - help us power more villages, and get energy access to people where they need it most. In the process, a value buy in the form of a T shirt ( blue color), that can be worn at any informal get together to get conversations started. Help us power

Price: ₹499.0

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