Waste Management in societies is a big ask, and often there are no ready solutions to it. WAV conducted a seminar to educate residents about the benefits of waste management and benefit from resultant output such as organic manure. The organic manure can be sold to residents itself, and make this into a self sustaining activity that helps reduce waste to beneficial forms.

We did an eco awareness campaign for rural school students and were amazed at the findings. Most students evinced interest in knowing more and details on technologies available for them to use in daily lives.

A small quaint villages, near Mathura, has sporadic energy access. Our intervention started with one person’s keen desire to pursue energy access in the village. Over time, this has resulted in several houses being provided with small solar home lighting systems that provide lighting to the houses, during power blackouts. Most of the time, there is acute load shedding and people had to cook in the dark ! Children had to study using kerosene lamps. No longer.

Thanks to intervention by a few kind hearted souls, the houses have clean and green solar power, available for them to light up their homes. Basic lighting – but clean lighting has led to better health conditions inside the house, using solar power !

WattAVillage works with ordinary residents and societies to establish a first of its kind, 10K Green roofs program in India. This will ensure, creating a database of residents who prefer to use green and clean power for powering their home needs. The resultant power produced and the system so designed shall be sufficient to meet day lighting needs and small loads. For Air Conditioning loads to be met ( and other similar heavy load), appropriate solutions can be designed and offered as well. Each roof shall need to have a minimum 500 sq. ft of shadow free area available, for the purpose of enlistment within the program.

We have advised over a hundred such residents on a select basis, on going green !

Shortly, this program shall be more widely rolled out. Currently, this is available on a referral basis.