Meera, a resident of Semri Malvalag, in Uttar Pradesh has been living in the dark since she was married, and came into this village, to her husbands home. Her joy knew no bounds, when her home was 'electrified' with a solar home lighting system set u

A slight mutatis mutandis to a quote given by our beloved Spiderman, “With Great power” comes great Electricity Bill! Yes the original quote was true as well as this connotation holds true in today’s time. Power/Electricity should now be conferred as

There are close to 171 banks operating in India with 76,000 branches and over 12,000 NBFCs. There is already talk at the Central Ministry level of financing solar via the bank branches and the Regional Rural Banks. Initial meetings and top level honc

Growing Markets in Renewable Energy Bangladesh’s progress in microfinance is well known. But the application in Green Banking has been a new innovation. Many homes in off-grid areas have used microfinance loans to install solar panels. Banglad

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When I tell people that I think the United States can stop using coal and gas to generate electricity by 2030 (see "All In"), even some of my fellow environmentalists sometimes raise a skeptical eyebrow. True, it doesn't sound like very much time. Bu

Developing shared solar programmes could boost the US rooftop market and represent as much as 49% of distributed PV sector in 2020, according to a new report by the US Energy Department's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). The report cla

When is a village termed electrified? According to the Ministry of Power, a village is termed electrified when - - Basic infrastructure such as Distribution Transformer and Distribution lines are provided in the inh